November 1, 2022
Overcome Winter Weight Gain
Michael Bramlish, MPH, CHES; OSU Health Plan Health Coach

The warmer days are becoming fewer and further between. The days are getting darker a littler earlier every day. With the changes that come with the seasons, the more likely it is to lose some of the progress that we have made with healthy behaviors. When the weather gets cold and the days get dark, it becomes more difficult to get in the planned exercise and spontaneous movement that we typically get during the summer. Consider the following tips to help avoid the winter weight gain this year.

Pay extra attention to the calories that you consume. If the cold temperatures and darkness prevent you from burning calories through movement and exercise, it becomes more crucial to watch the number of calories that you consume. The simplest way to do this is focusing on portion control. Foods higher in fat, carbohydrates and sugars tend to have more calories than whole foods. Make it a priority to eat whole foods as often as possible. This can go a long way in preventing the winter weight gain. Vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins and nutrients that can help keep energy levels up during the day. Focusing on portion sizes allows you to eat the same foods that you like, but you end up consuming less calories by simply adjusting the amount that you are eating.

Create back-up plans for winter movement. The weather during the end of fall and early winter can be unpredictable. You may have every intention to go out for your walk, but the weather may not cooperate. Instead of missing out on a day of movement, create an indoor back-up plan for exercise. Resistance bands are great to have on hand. You can get a complete full body workout in with a single exercise band. To learn more about how to use exercise bands and discover exercises to do, click here. If you prefer more low-impact body-weight exercises, click here. For those who want to work on flexibility, this gentle stretch flow yoga is a great option found here.

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