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About Us

The Beginning.

After selling my ceramics company, Our Name is Mud, a few years ago, I realized my gift and passion for finding talented local artisans and helping them “make it” big. Today, a journey that began with handmade ceramics has evolved into a new venture helping handmade jewelry artists called “Made It”.

About Us
About Us
About Us

How it Works…with a twist.

The interesting twist this time around is, after finding a handful of great handmade jewelry artists, instead of producing product I like, the final say of whose product gets made goes to the people buying it... you! Choose the artists and jewelry you like best and then go online and vote for them. The artists with the most votes get made and you get to purchase your favorite pieces.

The Rewards are Great.

More importantly, this opportunity is helping very talented small local jewelry designers share their inspired creations in a way they couldn’t do alone. And how rewarding to know that by voting, you helped to make that dream a reality.

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About Us

And Now…

About Us

It’s my extreme pleasure to introduce our current Made It winning artists…Adam, Linda and Angelina, who you’ll get to know better while perusing this year’s 2015 catalog. I think you’ll agree that their talents deserve to be admired.

About Us
About Us
About Us

To Be Continued…

I look forward to continuing the journey across America, discovering more fabulous talent and remarkable handmade jewelry that will continually have you wondering who to vote for and who will make it.


Thanks for supporting us so we can continue to support local artists.
We truly value how you “Made It” happen!


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